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Im so excited I finally feel like its fall!!!

Pumpkin is taking over…

crack in a bottle

found this at Target. SO GOOD!!

Yep its taking over!!

I finally got a chance to get to the state fair!! I know what youre thinking “wow this girl must not get out much”. But believe me, its awesome and a tradition. We were out there for 6 hours!! I think we rode just about every ride!!

view from the chair lift

Yep we were on that

And I got my annual diabetes-causing ball of fried dough

Elephant Ear

I went grocery shopping yeserday!! (yes that excites me)

Look at all that healthy food!! No sugar for this gal

And I discovered this totally awesome food


I’ve seen other bloggers make carrot/broccoli fries but I can’t cook to save my life. These were super easy to throw on a pan and bake. No prep needed.

with mustard

Update: Im doing pretty good with staying away from the sugary foods that usually lead me bingeing later. Its so harddd!! It really is like an addiction. After learning more about how sugar effects your blood sugar levels and mood I realize why im more inclined to overeat those types of foods. They elevate my sugar levels and make me feel better temporarily. Learning to feel good without food is the real trick. Im still suffering from swelling and joint pain 😦 but the doctor says it has to go away on its own time.

Too bad this busy girl doesnt have the luxury of sitting with her feet propped up all day!! What do I look like, a princess? Well okay maybe I do look like one 🙂 But i dont get to act like one.