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I feel like I havent posted in forever!!

umm hiya remember me??

Lately I’ve been having so much fun just enjoying life!!

I had so much fun hanging out with fam and friends for lil sisters bday party!!

Sister (middle) with me and her friend

My friend and i got stuck downtown, 4 blocks from our car, in the middle of a flood!! Seriously the bottom fell out the sky!!

So what did these smart girls decide to do?? RUN FOR IT. Bad idea. We ended up soaked from head to toe (i was wearing white shorts :/ ) and had to stop at someones house to dry off and wait for the storm to pass. As miserable as it was, it was also a hilarious, once in a lifetime moment I will never forget!! (how many times do you get to run barefoot downtown in the freezing rain with your best frand??)

Ive also been busy being a football fool (dont even try to text me saturday or sunday)and answering emails from YOU!!! I love it!!! All the support and questions I received made me realize how much harder I need to work.

Meeting girls going through the same things as me and seeing how hard they are pushing themselves, made me realize how much harder I need to fight.

I have days where I think it’s just one chip….then the bag is gone.It’s just one brownie…there goes the whole pan. Its just one mistake it will be okay, you will do better tomorrow. Well tomorrow never seems to come!!

Other girls fighting binge eating fight hard everyday and do it!! If they can learn to eat and exercise correctly, so can I!!

All this craziness kind of keeps me distracted from my eating. It also kept me distracted from God. Not saying you shouldnt have fun in life, YOU SHOULD!! God wants us to. For me, when everything is going great, I forget to thank God. Yet I never forget to beg Him for help. The upcoming weeks will be challenging with all my friends super busy, a crazy new boss at work, and a new “diet” plan. I’m going to need Him. The great thing is, even though I feel as though I have abandoned Him for the past 3 weeks, He is still here 🙂

Anyway onto the eats!! (oh you mean this is a food blog?) The swelling is almost gone and only comes back after long periods of standing, so I’ve been able to eat a little more variety. I’ve also got a trainer and nutritionist helping me eat right and exercise moderately to lose some weight.

Brussels with ketchup (I may have added more ketchup)

nightime oats (literally in my bed)

Fiber one snack

Publix turkey sub with lettuce, tomato, cuke, honey mustard

I WAS FINALLY REUNITED WITH THIS BEAUTY!! (iced coffee at work pardon the floor plan underneath)

No joke I work across the street from a Starbucks and I always go before work.When I finally went to Starbs to get my coffee the peeps working HUGGED MY NECK!! They thought I was deathly ill or something?? I guess that is the only excuse for me not drinking coffee for 10 days!!

The best part about the flood was the beautiful rainbow afterwards. Beautiful things truly do come out of ugliness!!

Well thats all!! Ive got to get ready for a full day with my BFFL who IS COMING HOME TOMORROW!! WOOOHOOOO!!

Have you ever lied to yourself unintentionally that you were doing what was right, only to later see you werent doing enough?

P.S. I Finally finished My Journey page, hope you guys enjoy it and hopefully can relate. It was actually really theuraputic to write it.

“Dear friends, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal that has come on you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you. But rejoice inasmuch as you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when his glory is revealed” 1 Peter 12-13