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As I sit here typing this I am experiencing chills, headache, and nausea 😦

Trust me if I had a web cam there would be a pic right here of me in all my sick-looking, bed-head glory.

I havent been so kind to my body lately with my sleeping and eating habits. I guess it started with some bad eating habits over labor day and then continued when i went to Rockhill and on my sister’s birthday 😦 Looking at the scale wasnt too pretty either!!

Whenever i feel guilty about my weight, I also have trouble sleeping. So after 2 weeks of that my body is revolting 😦

I usually dont go into detail about my slip-ups on here because Im kind of sacred it would freak people out? It’s easy to admit I made mistakes and abused my body in the past. It’s really hard to be honest and say when i abuse it in the present.  Its hard to say that I’m still making mistakes.

I know that getting over an eating disorder means you will make mistakes as you get well. But what about people who read this and have no idea about eating disorders? If she really wanted to get well she wouldn’t be making all these mistakes!!

Last night i went out to dinner with 2 of best friends and another girl. My friends know ive dealt with eating issues, but they have no clue how much i still struggle. To them, im well because I’m a healthy weight again. The other girl went on and on about how thin our waitress was and how girls with eating disorders think they are better than other people, are crazy, and just need to eat!!

I kept quiet, but it scares me to know that if anyone knew how much i really struggle that they would think all those things about me!!

For the next few days im hoping eating healthy, not skipping meals, and resting will get my body back in check. Its so difficult to keep eating healthy after days of over eating, but its the most important step in overcoming bingeing!!

Hope everyone has an amazing rest of the week!!

PS my friend in Rockhill knew I was sick so she sent me hours of amusement through Youtube. Heres my favorite so far….