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I had the most amazing weekend!! I went up to Rockhill to visit my best friend from middle/high school and I feel so refreshed!! I never got to go away to college or live on my own so its nice to get to go away for 3 days and stay in a big girl apartment with a friend. It also reminds me why its so nice to be healthy!! Last year this time i was so thin i had to go to the doctor every other day just to be allowed to walk around campus, let alone leave town for 3 days!!

Its nice to spend time with someone who gets you, without even saying anything we just know what the other is thinking!! I feel no pressure to lose weight or act anyway but myself around her! It really makes me wonder if i hadnt gotten sick would I have gone off to college? would she and I be roommates?

Its not that i dont like going to USC, but its hard when your best friend is always an hour away!! I forgot what it was like to spend time with someone i can really be myself around!!

I guess it gives me something to think about, anyway heres a little picture recap from this weekend:

Her apartment was awesome:

Yea im super cute when i first wake up 🙂

After my sisters party friday night i drove up to Rockhill and got in around midnight. (I may have sped a little). We spent time watching some of our favorite movies (Mean girls, TITANIC) and reciting every word 🙂

apparently the 10th anniversary edition of the DVD comes with these awesome pics on the inside!! Of course we had to put it on display!!

How I can memorize a 4 hour movie but not anything I learn in chemistry class is beyond me. (maybe if Leo taught it I would remember?)

Onto the eats….

Turkey burger from a place on campus where you create your own burger on a touch screen!! Why doesnt USC have this??

Captains Bounty Salad from a local place called Michael's (strawberry, bell pepper, feta, olives, cukes and a homemade strawberry dressing)

They also had these AWESOME cinnamon-sugar sweet tater fries!! Seriously GO TO EAT THERE!!!!

We baked bloob muffins for breakfast one morning (aka just added water and baked)

Nest mornings breakfast consisted of starbucks PUMPKIN SCONES and fraps

and of course the weekend wouldnt be the same without froyo 🙂

I also FINALLY got to go see The Help!! There was not one seat left in the theatre and this movie has been out for a month!! And it was a pretty big theatre!! Seriously GO SEE IT!! Emma Stone does an amazing job and its one of those movies that actually is as good as the book 🙂

Also being around a girl my age 24/7 for three days made me take a good look at my eating habits. Since shes one of my few friend who knows all about my eating disorder (seriously she may know more than my parents) she doesnt mind me asking questions too. My friend is exactly 1/2 an inch shorter than me and eats horriblY!! Yet she weighs 5 lbs less than me? I will NEVER understand it. I spent the weekend eating turkey burgers and salad and she eats candy bars, real burgers, and fried sweet taters covered in sugar?? I know its wrong to compare us, but maybe im being too hard on myself with all this dieting? It almost makes me think about food and want some foods more!!

Phew…what a weekend, and what alot to think about!! Any advice given to me at this point i would be SO THANKFUL FOR!!! I hope you all had an awesome weekend too!!!