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Ever seen this movie??

"I can fit my whole fist in my mouth"

HILARIOUS!! I mean I can practically recite every line 🙂

Its like I have ESPN or something?!”

Unfortunately, its not funny when you are living it 😦

I spent most of highschool absolutely miserable because I felt left out or not good enough. I thought when I got to college it would all go away, it didnt.

I blame some of it on my low self-esteem and the fact I overreact to a lot things with other girls because of my past. I blame another part of it for pushing myself to be in a sorority with 250 some other girls, that’s just asking for drama right?

Do I really need a sorority if it makes me miserable? But should I really leave something where I found a some completely totally awesome girls last year who gave me the confidence to gain weight and be healthy? where I found some girls who showed me what it really means to have a relationship with God?

Maybe its just my eating disorder that blows up every little situation and makes me feel so horrible in social situations?!

USC has over 20,000 undergrads, yet i cant seem to escape the same few girls who seem to make my life miserable. They have never said anything mean to my face, but its the its things they dont say to me, or the things done behind my back.

My parents,friends, and other bloggers have reminded me God is going to bring people in and out my life and I just have to accept it. The ones that are meant to stay, just will. Friendships that are meant to happen, will just click.

Who cares how many friends i have, how many Facebook wall post i get per day, or if I have a party to get to every night?? In the end I know its only my friendship with God that matters!!

After a really tough past two weeks Im going to visit a really good friend at her college in Rockhill!! Hopefully she will make me feel better 🙂 Plus tomorrow is my all time best friends birthday…MY LIL SISTER ❤

PS Thank you for all the food and running suggestions!! I now have a Daily Mile account and have logged miles this week! As far as what Ive been eating….YOGURT

my stash from 9 days ago that now GONE

Recommendation from this girl:

love this idea and it was sooo good!!

yog with raspberries and cereal!

frozen yogurt popsicles (recipe to come)

sweet tater with yogurt dip

baked tater with yog topping

Not to mention the yogurt ive used in smoothies and oatmeal!! Ive also been eating a lot of sweet taters and chocolate (wait, i thought i was trying to lose weight?!)

Do you do go through food phases? Have you ever experienced “mean” girls or felt left out? Any advice??