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I used to hate running, HATE!!!! Now I actually find it relaxing.

Crazy sweaty girl say what???

I know, I never expected to start liking it either!! But lately I’ve become addicted, How do I know??

1. I’m saving my money for these:

Instead of this:

2.I spend hours on Itunes looking up music to keep me pumped while I’m running

3. I walk around all day in this, because I don’t want to get too dressed up in case I want to sneak in a run

Running day

4. I’m reading this:

Instead of this:

5.I’m more concerned if my food will energize me before, or replenish me after, a run than how many calories it has.

Post workout snack: Cottage cheese with cinnamon, PB, half a nanner with milk on the side

6. I take 2 showers a day and enjoy cold baths :p

7. My feet are covered in blisters 😦

Lately I eat 5 meals a day, whatever I want, whever I want, and my body feels better than ever!! Unfortunately in the past 2 weeks the scale went up 6 pounds!! I think a lot of it was careless Labor day partying, but it definitely woke me up!! I have to take some control.

Considering all that I put my body through the past 9 months (bingeing, laxatives, water pills, diet pills), it’s no surprise it really doesn’t know how to lose weight anymore. I’m always hungry and my body wants to hold on to every morsel in fear I’ll starve it again!!

Thankfully after 3 months of abstaining from all those horrible habits, my hunger/ full cues are slowly coming back. Not only that but eating real foods has really changed how I feel for the better.

“But as for you, be strong and courageous, for your work will be rewarded” 2 Chronicles 15:7

What is the best type of running shoe? any tips on how to run for longer periods of time? How do you keep going when you’re soo tired you’re about to drop??