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Day three of my threekend at the lake was almost wore me out!!

okay sooo I was really tired!!

I woke up to my phone rapping at me (my alarm is Best Love Song by chris brown) and immediatley hit the snooze. I re-woke up 20 minutes later to my friend dragging me out my bed by my toes. To help me awaken and recharge my sore and sunburned body we made pancakes!!

Mickey Mouse Panckes

I actually used this recipe and surprising my friends like them!!! We got up to the lake around 11 and had a blast. I have decided the next Jersey Shore season should be on Lake Murray 🙂

Found the house for Jersey Shore:Lake Murray edition


After it looked liked it may rain, we packed up around 330 and headed to find some grub.

McCalisters Sweet Chipotle Chicken salad

I immedeiatly went home and passed out afterward!! I was sooo sleepy! I woke up recharged and ready for some yoga. Jillian Michaels Yoga Burn gets me evertime!!

Daddy making fun of my Yoga 😦


Then I got a little carried away at the grocery store…..

grapes, nanners, apples, peaches, light honey wheat, cottage cheese, light pringles, puffed cereal

Spring mix, greek yog, shrooms, turkey, almond milk, and wayy in the back diet sweet tea (crack in a bottle)

I actually hate grocery shopping, im always afraid of picking out the wrong foods. This has too many carbs, that has too much sugar, wait those have alot of salt. Plus my Dad doesnt really understand my healhty food choices. “Why do I have to play 2 more bucks for yogurt just becuase its greek??”

Whew glad thats over!! We ended up picking up some Shrimp for dinner (nom.com!!) which my mom and I ate inhaled and ran to watch The Closer (she has me addicted).

Salad with shrooms, purple onion, cuke, tomato, and Shrimp with raspberry dressing (I took the shrimp off and dipped them into salsa/taco sauce mixture)

After a brisk 3 miles late night walk and talk with my daddy I’m settling down with two of my favorite pals

Peach dipped in cottage cheese and cinnamon mixture

teeehee what did you think I was talking about?? People??

What did you end up doing for Labor Day?? I heard some schools actually had classes!!(uhh…Clemson) I hope you all had a great and safe holiday weekend!!