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I have a confession to make. I have a secret, an odd, odd secret….

I like to eat dinner….alone

Why? I dont know, I dont know that Ill ever know!!

When I do eat dinner with friends  I still feel the odd urge to have that one snack/meal, by myself, late at night. This used to be when I would binge!!As happy as I am that I have really reduced the binges, it time for it to stop…all of it.

If I am honest with myself, that snack/dinner is still my eating disorder intruding in my life. It can’t disguise itself anymore, I know it’s the eating disorder because I always have to do it alone (it loves seclusion) and it always has to be eaten super slow!! (so I have more time to spend with the Eating Disorder).

Tonight is my first night. I’ve eaten dinner and now its time for bed, no ED date for me tonight!!!

Today I actually lived as a normal, young adult (what?? you mean I maturing?? NEVER!!!)

9:30 Got up, showered, did my hurr, ate breakfast

OIKOS YOGURT (my favorite!!!) and apple slices

11:15 went to work, got an iced starbucks coffee, goofed off with coworkers worked hard 😉

2:30 got off work, ate snack (protein bar), got robbed got gas, went for a 2.5 mile run

Before and After!! Matching socks?? who needs those??

3:00 Died on the couch, drank a lake of water, ate snack #2 (cottage cheese+ grapes), got a showa, did my hurr again!!!!

4:30 got another iced Starbs, went back to work, goofed off some more 🙂

8:00 parents came into the restaurant I work in, coworkers picked on me…

with the sister

9:00 let off work, sat down with the fam, ordered dinner, inhaled dinner:

too hungry to take a before pic....oops!!

11:00 Home, took off my mask of makeup, read blogs, stalked facebook, and going to bed!!!!

SOOO excited for tomorrow!! It’s the opening day of CAROLINA FOOOTBALLL!!!! The game is away so I’m off to the lake with my fam and invited some friends. I actually hate going to the lake because I had my body in a bathing suit, but its one of the last weekends we will be going, so why not?? If my friends decide they don’t like me because of my weight (doubt it) then I need some new friends!!

Since I’ve really committed myself to running (because the feeling afterward is sooo addicting!!) I have a few questions for all you experienced runners out there:

1. Best pre/post workout snack? Is it better to eat before or after you run or both? It’s hard for me to eat pre-run and after my run I feel weird eating anything. Didn’t I just work hard to burn all those calories??

2. When is the best time of day to run?

3. Do you do running intervals?run 2 minutes, walk 1 minute… maybe Im just out of shape 🙂

“If South Carolina isn’t the essence of Southern hospitality, I don’t know what is. Those women sure know how to dress. Of course, in the South, a college football game is practically a formal event. Everyone (especially the ladies) gets all dolled up. But USC takes it to a whole new level. That football crowd is like something you would see in Vogue magazine”

-ESPN on Gameday visit to USC