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Today was the absolute longest, exhausting, exciting, and blessed day ever!!??

I know what you’re thinking, “huh?!”

Yea lemme explain…

Wokeup at the crack of dawn 10am to go shopping for some much-needed new clothes with my momma. Ive been putting off buying a lot of clothes that actually fit because I hate my size soo much. I thought if I didn’t buy any nice new clothes it would encourage me to lose weight so I could fit back into my cute clothes.

WRONG!! It only resulted in my walking around lookin like a Jersey Shore character in too small ugly clothes.

Oh and lemme tell ya my mom at 10am is louder than USC fans on gameday (TWO MORE DAYS) NOT GOOD for someone who only got 5 hours of sleep (me)!!

Finally after 4 hours, 3 new pairs of norts, and facing my own pants size (i know there are bigger problems in the world) I was beat!! Too bad….no time for sleep for this vampire. 😦

I had to eat and get ready for my new Jillian Michael’s workout!! Too bad my computer greeted me with this

FAIL!! Because my computer was acting up I couldn’t get my new tunes on my ipod either…wahhhh!! After yelling at my laptop waiting patiently for my computer whiz of a momma to fix my laptop…

I got my moves on like Jagger 🙂 And 33 minutes and 3.2 miles later:


Ugh… the 80’s called, they they want their socks back!! (hehe Im sick of blisters from my socks coming off my heels)

Funny how in high school I ran 8 minute miles no problem with no practice. Now I’m doing good to do one in 11 minutes. I’m hoping I’ll learn to love running like other bloggers have. I’ve already become addicted to getting that alone time with my ipod and the pretty skyline. Its super relaxing!!

Plus there’s nothing like hitting my air-conditioned room and cold shower all covered in sweat!! Sorry TMI….on to better things!!

7:00 pm Met up with my partners in crime

Target shopping and JERSDAY PARTAYY!!! WooHooo!!! P.S. I left Target with some new toothpaste and eyeshadow. Those other kids bought chips, gummy bears, cookies, cheddar pretzels, and fruit punch!!!

Yea there was definitely potential for a sugar crash later, but we live on the edge!! Man we know how to party 🙂

Plus a good The Situation vs. The Wall fight always cheers me up after a frustrating day!!


Or a little Snooki….

Sometimes after a frustrating day its awesome knowing you have great friends who will pick you back up!!

“Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!” Ecclesiastes 4:9-10