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I grew up in the church, went every Sunday, Mom taught Sunday School, Daddy was a Deacon. Both of my Best friend’s Dads were ministers, I went to a catholic school, and said prayers before bed every night.

So why did I not even begin to open up my heart to God until I was 19 years old??

Years of going to church and I never really knew Him. He was always up there or with others, but He was never personable. I never felt like I deserved Him. Then I heard the testimonies of so many young people who were once just like me. Almost all of them had sinned and were broken at one time too.

I wish I had an exact day that I remember asking God into my heart, maybe it hasn’t happened yet? Maybe I am as stubborn as my Daddy says and God had to wiggle his way in over months?

I didn’t realize I was changing until I found myself talking to God, not in a repetitious prayer, but talking as friends. I can feel Him. It sends shivers down my spine and puts a big smile on my face. I just feel calm. I still worry and obsess, but I do it with His arm around my shoulders and His presence in my heart. I know He cares about me and all my little troubles with friends, school, and my weight. HE LOVES ME!!!

In the past year I have met some of the most awesome and amazing people!! In my sorority, in bible studies, at Campus Crusade, even at work!! I saw them be a shining light for Jesus and it made me want what they have. I could not figure out what put that spark in their eyes and joy in their smiles.

It all came together last March on a week-long mission trip to Florida. I saw thousands of college kids come together and be so enthusiastic about Jesus!!  I saw girls from my own college show me what it truly means to love and forgive no matter what!! At the beginning of the week our speaker said something like, “some people don’t understand how a bunch of college kids can get together and be happy just playing board games.” I laughed, but by the end of the week I learned that statement could not be more true!! Why were they so much fun to hang out with?

It’s not what clothes they wear, the car the drive, or how they style their hair, ITS JESUS!! He is present in their hearts. No material thing I could ever buy would make me as happy as HIM!! And the best part is He comes fo’ free!! All I had to do is ask for Him!!

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you” Matthew 7:7