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I can’t believe it was a whole year I ago I pledged to become a Kappa!! I was super nervous, I actually don’t even remember that day!! I do remember A LOT of people and A LOT of screaming. I don’t think there’s anything like sorority bid day at a southern university. Most people don’t believe me when I tell them what its like, but I honestly think Its something every girl should experience. Mostly because there are really no words to describe it.

It’s hard for me to even find the words to describe the last year in Kappa!!!

Going into sorority rush I was overwhelmed and nervous. I had no idea what I was getting myself into because neither of my parents were Greeks. Kappa was actually my first house and when they opened the door to show 150 girls jumping and screaming at me, I almost ran back out!! I spent 8-9 hours a day, for 4 days visiting different sororities, chatting with girls, and dying in the southern heat.

On Bid day I actually did a suicide bid in hope of getting into Kappa. I was so excited when i turned around and saw that blue shirt in my hand. I ran as fast as I could to the other end of the horse to the girls in blue and blue and never looked back. My bid day buddy grabbed me around the neck for a hug like she had known me all my life.

I’m not gonna lie, over the next few weeks until initiation I went back on forth on whether I should join or not. The morning of initiation I knew I had made the right decision. Through the past year I have met some of the most awesome girls of my life.

Coming from a high school background where I had few friends, I was so happy to find people who accepted me for who I am. They didn’t care I had eating issues, was way underweight, or that I don’t drink. Even though I had to take a break this semester, they still call, chat, and text me to make sure I’m okay.

I only wish I could have been there today jumping around with all my sisters!! I cant wait to be in back in January to meet all the new Kappa babies!!!


From left clockwise: Backwoods with my big, formal, tacky sweater, Kappa Kickoff, formal.

“From the outside looking in you could never understand it. From the inside looking out you could never explain it.” Orvie Garrett