Today was such a busy, crazy, fun-filled, drop-down drag-out, totally amazing day!! Why you ask (C’mon, humor me)

Numero Uno: IT’S JERSDAY!!! aka I get to watch funny and mindless tv while hanging out with my frands.

Number due: I got in an awesome workout with my friends and I enjoyed it!! This is big for me because I hate, read it: HATE exercise (gasp). I know, but its true, I’m a lazy slug. I’m okay with that though, the world needs slugs too right? (please nod your head now) Thanks!!

I never workout with my friends because I honestly never think to suggest it anymore. When I was thinner, and in the depths of anorexia, exercise was always on my mind. I always tried to sneak in physical activity even when hanging with friends. Today I learned how to play racquetball and climbed at rock wall!! My arms will be supa sore tomorrow 😦

Tres: I went to my first Campus Crusade meeting of the semester!! What is Campus Crusade??? Why tell you when I can show you on my new styling tee!!

note: I will be representing Cru in this shirt tomorrow, pictures to come

I can’t believe I almost talked myself out of going!! That’s right, yours truly has a smidge bit alot of social anxiety.

What if no one remembers me? I bet they’ll wonder why I gained so much weight since last spring. Eww I knew I should’ve washed my hair last night, and is that acne on mah face?? I bet I’ll have to sit by myself…

Ay Yi Yi… I’m so silly.

Luckily I already promised one of my B-Stud girls I would meet her there because I have missed that amazingly, wonderful group of Jesus lovers!!! Although I’m pretty sure some people didn’t recognize me, I seriously doubt anyone cared about my weight. Lesbhonest, how vain do you have to be to think 100+ people are all going to be concerned with your weight??

I was nervous to tell everyone about my latest struggles or that I’m on hiatus from school in fear they would condemn or judge me. WRONG again. The amount of support peeps showed me gave me little fuzzies inside when I left (c’mon you know the feeling). I left there feeling so loved and supported I honestly can’t wait until next week 🙂

And I felt the lesson was meant just for me (don’t I always, man Jesus is sneaky). It was about how pain and suffering have a purpose in our life. Since Jesus lived on earth, he experienced hardships too and he knows what we’re going through. (amazing right??)

The story our speaker told about the emotional summer he had because his wife (whom Ive also met) was sick, slapped me in the face. There are people out there suffering everyday with illnesses they can’t fix. While I know EDs are not a choice, it’s not like they are some medical mystery. Experts know how to fix them, all I have to do is listen. Why am I not listening and living this beautiful life God gave me to the fullest??

4. I got stuck in my garage again, ugh I can’t understand that maze of place. So why was this a good thing??

Another amazing snap shot opportunity. Note: I am becoming that crazy girl who hangs off the roof of the parking garage snapping pics. People probably think Ive never seen a road full of cars :/

And Lastly: