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I didn’t post yesterday because honestly I couldn’t I think of anything exciting or cheerful to post about. The past 2 days have been terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days.

Do remember this book???

Basically the past 2 days have gone like this….


work 3 hours in the a.m.,get stuck in traffic on my lunch break, no time to workout

change clothes, drive race back to work, get stuck in 5 o’clock traffic

nowhere to even park at the grocery store=no Sour Patch Kids to snack on at work

Train 3 new hostesses…..ALL AT ONCE

Newly  hired manager (who’s been there all of 2 weeks) proceeds to tell me I’m too laid back (uhh is that bad??) and then yells at me because the new kiddos did everything wrong (so naturally its my fault??)

I proceed to tell homegirl to step off “UHH EXCUSE ME girlfran but I’ve been working here 3 years, how long have you been here again? Right, 2 weeks!! I know exactly what I’m doing and if they didn’t like the way I run this restaurant, don’t you think they would have fired me by now? Oh and FYI my daddy’s best friend owns this place so if anyone is goin anywhere its you!!” (haha right….none of that actually came outta my mouth, but I was saying it in my head)

Get off work,finally get in bed, remember I’m a crazy insomniac, get 4 hours of sleep


drive to school for lunch date, get on campus, take 45 minutes to drive all of 2 blocks to my parking garage becuaes of the INSANE AMOUNT OF SCHOOL TRAFFIC

have to go all the way to bottom of parking garage to park (4 floors)

truck up super steep hill in blazing heat

wait 3o minutes just to buy lunch, walk around another 2o to find seat

no tables left, must eat on the wall outside (who’s the mastermind who decided to let 963389487 freshman in?)

take sister and her super bubbly annoyingly loud friends to cheer practice 45 MINUTES AWAY

miss the new episode of Pretty Little Liars (I’m an addict)

Sister says its my fault we missed it,I embarrass and annoy her and she wishes I would move out

Hold in tears, run to my room, ball like a baby and take out frustrations writing this post

So after calming down, painting my nails, and thinking clearly I realized while the past 2 days have been rough, it could have been worse. At least I have a job, my Dad paid for a parking garage even though I’m not a student just so I have a place to park for lunch dates, walking up that hill will give me killer calves, Pretty Little Liars will be on Hulu, and let’s face it; my general manager is so rude the new chick won’t last a month.

Not to mention the awesome snack I found at the store today (made right here in South Carolina!!)

And the free iced coffee TRENTA SIZE the guy at Starbs gave me because I come in so often before work

And my awesome friends who always try to cheer me up

AND the sweeet view I saw from my parking garage (I had to go in so many circles getting out of there, I ended up getting stuck inside the garage.I decided to park and calm down before I ran over a student in my frustration)

I guess there’s always a silver lining. I’m supa excited for the rest of this week. We’re throwing a party for my cousin’s birthday, a new year of bible study is starting up, and my first campus crusade meeting of the semester!!!!

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” 1 Thessalonians 5:18