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Walking through campus today was more painful than I thought it would be. Seeing all the freshman in their sorority rush shirts made me miss participating in rush!! I felt naked without a book bag or books in my hands. I never in my life thought I would miss school, but I do.  Even afterward, going through Target, (sorority central) I was jealous of the girls shopping with their sisters. Not to mention getting into a fight with my friend today def did not help my mood 😦 Oh well I wasnt about to let that ruin my….


If you don't know what this means go Hulu tonights episode

Never fails to make me laugh!!!

Actually what really made me feel better are  all the amazing comments I’ve got on this blog and super sweet tweets on Twitter!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! They truly made my day!!!

As I was walking through campus today I noticed something, WHAT THE HECK ARE SOME OF THESE GIRLS WEARING?!

I understand the need for comfort and coolness, but do you own a mirror??

And everyone dresses the same!!

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about:

Norts, oversized frocket v-neck or tank, mid-calf socks, and New Balance sneaks. Feel free to add in your fav style of Rayban sunglasses

I understand everyone has a “frump” day when they just don’t feel like dressing up, but not EVERYDAY. Maybe it’s because of my serious passion for fashion that I can’t understand why you’d wear this clothes combo? I’ve been known to change clothes midday to show off all my outfits 🙂

Anywho, just watch out this winter when I have to put up with the legging/ugg combo :/

Its been a little frustrating trying to accomplish all the challenges my doctors have given me.My nutritionist wants me to lose weight, and at the same time my therapist wants me to eat more carbs/fats, HUH?? Extra fats and carbs does NOT equal weight loss!! Since I already feel pretty bad about my weight, I guess it can’t hurt?

Today I was finally reunited with peanut buttah !! HOLY GUACAMOLE I totally forgot how good it taste!! My tastebuds have been missing out!!! I’ve also been trying more sugary cereals, granola bars, and candy.

It’s hard for me to trust myself around these foods because it’s easy for me to go overboard. If I don’t eat them, I don’t crave them (outta sight, outta mind). All of this combined with a meal plan that includes eating 5-6 times a day…WOAH!!! No pain, no gain though right? In my case; no mental pain, no weight loss?

Sometimes after a hard day its best to shut my brain off and go to sleep!! I’m hoping it will lift my spirits tomorrow to eat lunch/shop with a friend who’s back in town for the school year 🙂

Right before bed I love just immersing myself in some reading….

“There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens” Ecclesiastes 3:1

I have to remember MY timing is not always HIS timing. God has a reason why he lets things fall into (and out of) place at certain times. It’s frustrating, but I know His plans for my life are a million times better than my plans for my life.