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Do you have a best friend? I mean a person you can do anything with? A person you can tell absolutely everything? A person you would crash a wedding with?

Well I do, and yes we did!!

Actually it wasnt as bad as it sounds. My Best Friend’s dad is actually a priest and he was officiating a wedding today. The M.o.B. was in a frenzy last night for some ushers and peeps to pass out programs, so naturally, we volunteered. It was well worth it to get free food/drinks at the reception. Plus, you don’t have to ask me twice to go on a dance floor 🙂

It was also my BFFL’s last day in town before she leaves for the school semester. She’s only about 45 minutes away, but even that’s too far for my liking. What do you expect when you spend everyday together for 9 years? She’s the one friend that knows every. single. thing. about me. I’m pretty sure I know everything about her too, so we can talk to each other about anything. When she is in town, we don’t spend more than 24 hours apart. I even have some of my stuff permanently in a drawer in her guest bedroom because I stay in it so often.Don’t worry though, we’ve already planned my visit to see her in two weeks 🙂

The wedding was great, pictures weren’t allowed, or I’d be showing them off. It was small, but the dress and decorations were B-E-A-U-tiful. Afterward we went to a dinner at one of my fav restaurants, called Tombo Grille . It’s a little expensive, but the food is NOM.COM!!!

I ordered the Granny Smith Apple Salad with feta, craisins, walnuts, in a lemon vinaigrette

We split the hummus and pita bread appetizer

Of course afterward we had to go get some FROYO!! (yeah, it’s an addiction…i’m working on it)

Mine (on th left) was birthday cake with nanner and strawberries. Hers (right) was white choc mousse with oranges and some other stuff

The plan after that was to go see the movie, “The Help”. We’ve both read the book and Emma Stone is one of my absolute favs!! Unfortunately, it was sold out 😦 But hey, we weren’t about to let that ruin our G.N.O. We ended up buying tickets for “30 Minutes or Less”. I could’ve done without some of the language and crude humor, but it was still pretty funny. It definitely had an underlying moral about being a good friend. I mean it takes a really good friend to help you rob a bank. Def a good pick to go see with your best frand 🙂

Since my BFFL was only in town for a week and a half, I didn’t wanna turn down anytime to spend with her. That meant a lot of eating out at restaurants I don’t usually go to, and not a lot gym time. I’ve had froyo 4 times this week, hummus, and wedding cake. Since I stopped binge eating (2 months ago and counting woohoo!!) I’ve been scared to eat unhealthy foods in fear of going overboard with them. It really surprised me when my dad weighed me this morning (I don’t look at scales) that I had lost 3 pounds in the past week and a half!! Just goes to show how misleading the eating disorder is.

I know I promised a recipe today, but I was super busy.Dontcha worry, I’ll get if for ya tomaro!!  Tomorrow is my Lil’ sisters last day of summer 😦 I promised her a fun day at the mall (aka some forever 21 shopping) and some lunch. Then were having a cookout at our lake house!!

And just in case this post didn’t have enough pics:

Me and my BFFL practicing our "sorority squatting" back in May

And my BFFL and me SEVEN YEARS AGO!!! (she would kill me for posting this)

I know what you’re thinking, “Wow they are soo cool”…yea we know 🙂