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I’ve seen so many other food bloggies do a WIAW post and I always wanted to try it myself!! I finally did it yesterday and took pics of all my food!! It was super fun but I got some crazy looks 🙂 These pics are a little rough because I took them on my blackberry’s 2 megapixel camera (I know, super fancy). My part-time restaurant salary doesn’t include a new camera right now.

egg with sugar free pancake syrup and and cup almond milk

Moe's taco salad with pinto beans,a sprinkle of shredded cheese, tomato, olives, and cucumbers

Starbs sugar free vanilla fat free iced coffee (aka my crack in a cup!!)

Baked butternut squash fries

tofu noodles mixed with linguine pasta, laughing cow cheese and chopped tomato

special K dark chocolate cereal with almond breeze











**As a side note I just wanted to add a disclaimer (if ya wanna call it that) to this post. I know by posting everything I eat on their blog, other people may try to compare their eats with mine.As a recovering anorexic, I know how triggering that can be.  So just a little FYI, this  is a meal plan is for weight loss.  I have a nutritionist who is monitoring me as I lose some of the weight I gained during my last 8 months of bingeing, I don’t use measuring cups and I don’t add calories. I just eat a certain amount of each food group (plus a little dark chocolate and coffee mixed in there).

For exercise my daddy and I try to walk 2-3 miles around the block 5 days out the week. I’m also doing the Jillian Michael’s 30-Day shred DVD 6 days a week. I did it for thirty days back in March and built up some serious lean muscle (my favorite kind of muscle). Its only twenty minutes, but boy do you feel it the next day!! I never understood how just twenty minutes a day could help me lose weight/shape up. I always saw muscle as a bad thing because it mad me “fat”. WRONG!!!! Turns out the more muscle, the more calories you burn.

It’s also my first WIWW: (what I wore Wednesday)

Forever 21 Maxi Dress $25, American Eagle belt $20, Francescas satchel $39, Forever21 Sandals $16, Charlotte Russe Feather earrings 9$, and my fav Coach sunglasses

This Forever 21 dress was so comfy and perfect for a relaxing lunch and morning of shopping with a friend. I love these satchel type purses. They don’t fall off my shoulder while I’m flipping through clothes racks like other types of purses.

Well I’m off to work and then to watch the new Jersey Shore episode with my friends!!

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34